Rapid Surge Scheduling Benefits

Lightning Bolt has already assisted health systems and practices across the country including EDs, Urgent Care practices, Hospitalists, Imaging and Radiology teams, Intensivists, Pulmonary Departments, float pool staff, on-call, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, ICUs and volunteer providers including retired and part-time providers.

Fast Scheduling

Providers can be quickly assigned to areas or departments across your organization based on demand.

Real-Time Schedules

Hospital and health system personnel can see in real-time where providers are located and who is on call.

Provider Flexibility

Providers can quickly and easily communicate availability, swap shifts, and notify the administration of changes on any device.

Clear Communication

Easily schedule and communicate with providers about scheduling needs, open shifts, and on-call information.

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Scheduling Adjustments for COVID-19

How We're Helping

Over the past month, Lightning Bolt has assisted health systems and practices across the country including ED, Urgent Care, Hospitalists, Imaging/Radiology, Intensivists, Pulmonary, Float Pool Staff, On-call, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, and ICU. A few examples:

  • Scheduling between 50 and 300 providers "on the fly" as capacity needs change.
  • Added 'overflow' slot to schedule backup providers when necessary.
  • Added another nocturnist shift for COVID-19 concerns.
  • Changed scheduling period from 3 months to 1 month.
  • Scheduling of essential shifts only for foreseeable future created as a layer.
  • Adding providers from other departments to help staff.
  • Using shift reasons and locations to identify COVID-19 scheduling.
  • Added 300 providers from the flex float pool to areas based on demand.

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