Nurses balance it all.


We know how important nurses are in healthcare. That's why we have so many on our team!

The nursing leaders here at PerfectServe have some thoughts to share with you on this year’s National Nurses Week theme, Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Julie Mills, RN, MBA
senior manager, sales support

"You were called to the nursing life and gifted with the ability to give as others cannot. Treasure that, and take care of you as well as you take care of others. When you’re home, be home, and soak in the love of your family."

Terry Hayes, RN, MSN, CPNP, CNOR
vice president, professional services

"To be our best and to give our best to our patients, we must embrace the model of self-care and apply it to ourselves. I encourage each new nurse, each mentor and role model to find that which balances you and actively pursue it. The time we take to care for ourselves will ultimately benefit our patients!"

Carolyn Henricks, RN, BSN
clinical consultant, professional services

"Compassion, while being one of our greatest gifts, can also become the very quality that leads us to over commitment professionally and personally. So learn what burnout looks like in you. These symptoms can take on many forms from physical to mental. Don’t be afraid to ask for help."

Michelle McCleerey, PhD, MA, MEd, MBA, RN
vice president, product management

"Core to the mission of nursing is giving to others—time, attention, care and support.  Giving comes from one’s center and requires a solid spiritual foundation providing meaning, priority and purpose to one’s daily activities. Nurses must commit to giving to oneself in order to give to others."

Natalie Sensabaugh, RN, BSN
senior manager, clinical consulting

"By nature, nurses are caretakers and excellent at multitasking. We often take on way too many responsibilities and we need to remind ourselves to stay nourished, sleep and take time to exercise."

Join the PerfectServe nurses and tell us how you stay healthy! Submitted responses will be posted to this page to share with the community of nurses.


How do you balance the mind, body and spirit?

 How do nurses like you balance mind, body and spirit?

I love to come home and watch King of Queens with a glass of wine. Kelly M., XYZ Hospital

After my shifts I take the dog for a long walk. Kelly M. ABC Hospital
I like to do jumping jacks for an hour, then eat lettuce and kale chips. Kelly M., Practice 123

I meditate for an hour saying oooooooommmmmmmmm. Kelly M. Med Center LMNOP

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